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 Hospital Beds For Sell 
Our medical bed  comes from our own factory, You have access to many different types of hospital beds for home, including: 
Full-Electric Beds - head, foot and bed height is motorized 
Long Term Care Beds - for facility or home care 
Semi-Electric Beds - head, foot motorized, height set with crank 
Manual Beds - no motors, hand cranks for all functions 
Bariatric Beds - heavy-duty and larger 
Adjustable Beds - non-hospital appearance 

Bed Products 
We have a comprehensive catalog of home care beds and bedroom related products designed to meet the needs of most individuals, whether it's needed for positioning or comfort. 

Adjustable Beds 
Adjustable beds have a non-hospital bed appearance and blend with existing decor. 

Hospital Beds 
Economical hospital beds for home and long term care beds for assisted living center. 

All Bed Related 
Find mattresses, bed rails, overbed tables, trapeze units, bed parts and accessories. 

Hospital beds for home: 

Full-electric hospital beds have all functions electrically controlled with a hand-held device. This includes head, foot and height. Semi-electric beds have electrically controlled head and foot adjustments but require manual cranking to adjust bed height. 

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Medical Beds and Mattress Systems can be configured for each individual's needs. Find both user comfort and functionality in our Medical Bed catalog. Mattress and Support Surface catalogs as well as Hospital Bed Accessories like Bed-Side Tables and Safety Rails. If you have questions about a Hospital Bed or Mattress or simply need help selecting a product call customer service 866-722-4581 or  email iconEmail Us for a fast response. 

Hospital Beds and Adjustable Beds are available Prepackaged with Mattress and Bed Rails, or purchase the Adjustable Base alone. Our packages allow choice of either innerspring, foam, or air mattress. Full length or half length bed rails are available for most beds. 
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